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There was only so much we could cover in 95 minutes. We hit on a lot of important topics but didn’t have enough time to really dive deep into each one.

PLUS… there were TONS and TONS of questions that went unanswered. We just couldn’t squeeze them all in.

For that reason, we’ve decided to hold 8 more of these live training webinars (just like the one above). We’re calling this 8-week training series “How to Make Money With Your Website”.

Much like our first webinar, we’ll be able to take your questions, we’ll do some more critiques and we can really dive deeper into the mechanics of how to go about building a profitable website.

BUT… this will be a much smaller group of people and you’ll have exclusive access to us (Mike & Duston) on a weekly basis. We’ll hold one webinar a week, for the next 8 weeks. Each one will be live and each one will be recorded, so you can go back and watch them at a later time.

By the end of the 8th week, you should fully understand how to have a fully automated, lead-generating website for your business.

Here’s a brief glimpse at what we’ll be covering:

That’s just a small sample of what we’ll cover

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during this 8-week training series. Honestly, we haven’t planned a strict outline for these webinars.

We want to keep enough time open to answer ALL of your questions. Each webinar will include some training from us (covering the points above) and the remainder of each webinar will be filled with live questions and critiques of your sites.

We wanted to make this a complete “no-brainer” for you. We truly want you to see success with this. We really do. We enjoy this kind of stuff. So, you can get access to all 8 webinars, including the online recordings of each for only $77!

I don’t know that you’ll find a better deal than that anywhere else. You’re literally getting exclusive access to us for only $9.63 an hour (if each webinar runs for an

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That’s insane!

If you were to hire us for private consulting, our fees would be much, much higher than that.

This offer is available for much longer. The timer above the video is no joke. Once that reaches 0… it’s gone. Adios.

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